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Blackline is a technology design/prototype/build firm operating in the commercial and government secure systems market. We provide turnkey software, firmware and/or hardware solutions from initial concept, specification, design, through to production. Our hardware systems run the gamut from hand-held devices to large-scale robot control systems. Our systems are usually built around a core of solid communications expertise. Our software runs on everything from cell-phones to tablets to desktops to back-end servers.

Blackline has an extensive portfolio of successful hardware designs and products employing:

  • Design for low EMF, thermal emissions, low magnetic signature and low detectability
  • High-density, high layer-count, space-constrained mixed-signal design (15+layers, blind/buried vias, flexible, stacked)
  • High-speed, multi-processor (RISC, DSP, etc) motherboard design.
  • High-speed design & layout: clock synthesis, PCIe, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, etc.
  • Communication interfaces: Ethernet, T1, E1, POTS, DOCSIS, xDSL, etc.
  • High-quality, low-noise power, audio, video and RF design (0 to 7Ghz).
  • Battery operated devices (Pb acid, Lion, LiFo, LiP)

Blackline maintains a dedicated group of systems software developers working with a variety of operating systems and software development tools (Windows/Linux/iOS/Android/vxWorks, Visual Studio, Embarcadero, CodeComposerStudio, Eclipse/Java, etc.) This group undertakes software only projects as well as bonded system/embedded projects. Examples would include robotic controls and consoles and/or secure web-based network/system delivery and management tools. Blackline systems often take advantage of our in-house expertise in digital signal processing. Blackline maintains an inventory of tested DSP infrastructure and algorithms available for projects, including audio codecs, video codecs, filters, modems, signal activity detectors, etc.


project 2


Power Line Carrier

Palladium study and design considerations to explore performance and usability of existing power line carrier standards with focus on susceptibility to noise, in residence coverage, interference with existing technology and the ability to reach beyond the panel/meter base.

Field deployable systems:

  • Assessment of numerous COTS options for power line carrier standards and systems
  • Focus on residential egress

Study Space:

  • Study included installation and characterization of systems in several houses in an abandoned neighborhood, as well as in motel and hotel contexts
  • Assessment of throughput, interference, detectability of technology
project 2


FAE/Win7 PC Hybrid

Enhanced security networked PC platform for hosting law enforcement Information Identification and Collection analytics. A part of the Blackline System Corporation’s secure data backhaul architecture, the Iodine system allows for centralized GUI-based network configuration and key management functions, while putting necessary ident technology out in detachments and other remote offices to both assist local crime fighting efforts and to serve as a distributed network of IICS collection nodes

  • Windows 7 Software
  • vxWorks Software
project 2


Alternative Storage

Cesium is a set of alternative storage mechanisms designed for use with laptops Mechanisms explored included:

  • Alternative USB Storage (Cs-USB)
  • Bad Sector Masquerading (Cs-BSM)
  • Partition Modification (Cs-PM)
  • Purpose Built Steganographics (Cs-SG)
  • Freespace Hiding (Cs-FH)

Exploration included assessment of detectability for method falling into categories for casual examination, detailed examination, and hard defeat attempts.


Available for discussion only

project 2


Windows VPC

Secure connection for a Windows™ 7 - PC, to a high security, high reliability network.

Windows GUI software:

  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • Multi-factor validation of remote PC-VPC
  • Preconfigured USB-based key validation ties user to specific PC to specific VPG. Key can be either one-shot or multi-session
  • Graphic (steganographic) approach to application access for security
  • Graphic (steganographic) approach to application access for security
  • Easter-egg based application
  • System coexistent with Microsoft L2TP/IPSEC client
  • Tunnelling using AES-256, payload encrypted using CAST-256
  • Supports Alerting and Logging interfaces
  • Centrally configured, distributed, upgraded and supported

Smartphone software:

  • Uses OTG technology on Smart phones (Android/IOS)
project 2

System Control Card

  • TI OMAP L138 processor, LAN8710 ethernet, LAN91C111 ethernet, SD card, USB host and OTG interfaces, inclinometer/accelerometer/magnetometer, GPS, quad UARTs, PIP Video (8 feeds), battery monitoring, TI 320AIC33 audio codecs, GPIOs, 3.3 VDc, 5 VDc, 12 VDc, 48VDc switched supplies, Tether and RF data and video.
  • Sensor less controller for brushless motors supports many different types of robots
  • Robin card control protocol on RS485 links 48VDc design


Integrated Robot - Commercial Product Design Group

Iridium is an end-to-end electronics and software robot control solution. Currently deployed in a large bomb disposal robot. System comprises 3 separate robot motor and feature control card types, a main control card, as well as a RF or Tether connected Command and Control station featuring two touch screen interfaces.

Motor and Peripheral Control Cards

  • TI TMS320F28069 processor, DRV8301 3-phase motor controllers, LMD 18200 Low power single phase drivers, GPIOs, 3.3 VDc, 5 VDc, 12 VDc, 48VDc switched supplies, RS232 interfaces, temperature sensors, distance sensors, etc.
  • Approved fire control circuitry
  • Flexible topology supports many different types of robots
  • Robin card control protocol on RS485 links
  • 48VDc design

Command and Control

  • Tangent rugged mini PC, two HDMI touch screen monitors, tether and COFDM RF links. Full graphics simulation and control of 350 KG, 2- tracked, 14 joint bomb disposal robot

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project 2


Emissions Scanner - RF Product Design Group

Einsteinium is an IP-enabled full spectrum characterization and signals scanning system that provides a quiet and ongoing RF monitoring service. Installed in a boardroom, office, or access-way, system automatically sweeps its sensors across the radio spectrum looking for anomalies that signal unwanted surveillance activity.

Compares scanned RF energy against normal background levels, with unknown signals raising alerts to networked threat monitoring system.


  • Scans across 30 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range
  • Wideband scan of 600 x 9.95 MHz channels in 600 millisec
  • Narrowband scan of 600 x 23.3 kHz channels in 600 millisec
  • Central scanner plus expandability for peripheral scanners for triangulation (still in design)
  • Ethernet access for central notification of signal detection alerts
  • Java applet for either stand-alone console or web-based solution has full spectrum display, zoom, calendaring, waterfall
  • Access provision for back-end database lookup of known spectrum signature of bugs

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A career at Blackline is the work you dreamed of but never thought you would find. We design and build hardware and software for elegant yet sometimes quirky systems that are uniquely tailored to our customer’s needs. Most of our systems involve some sort of communications component like mobile, wifi, or more traditional high speed networks.

All of our systems involve software from the board level all the way up to wamp-based GUIs and dedicated multiplatform mobile or desktop apps. It's exciting work but it is also very demanding. We are always looking for people who are confident in their abilities and who have good team skills too. Some of our work involves supplying tools to keep Canada safe and so we also need our people to be squeaky clean and security clearable.

Blackline is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. We offer a competitive salary and benefits, flexible hours and time-off policies and a dynamic and fun work environment. Blackline welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

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