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Blackline is a technology design and build firm operating in both the commercial and government secure systems market. All of Blackline’s turn-key solutions are manufactured on-site – from initial concept and specification to design and production. Our hardware systems run the gamut from hand-held devices to networking devices to large-scale robot control systems, and run on everything from cell-phones to back-end servers. These systems are built around a core of solid communications and secure data transmission expertise, and our in-house expertise in digital signal processing.

Blackline has an extensive portfolio of successful hardware designs and products employing:

  • Design for low EMF, thermal emissions, low magnetic signature and low detectability
  • High-density, high layer-count, space-constrained mixed-signal design (15+layers, blind/buried vias, flexible, stacked)
  • High-speed, multi-processor (RISC, DSP, etc.) motherboard design
  • High-speed design & layout: clock synthesis, PCIe, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, fiber diode, SFP, etc.
  • Communication interfaces: Ethernet, T1, E1, POTS, DOCSIS, xDSL, etc.
  • High-quality, low-noise power, audio, video and RF design (0 to 7 GHz).
  • Battery-operated devices (Pb acid, Lion, LiFo, LiP)

We maintain a dedicated group of systems software developers skilled in a wide variety of operating systems and software development tools. This group undertakes software-only projects as well as bonded system/embedded projects, like robotic controls and consoles, secure web-based network/system delivery, and management tools. Blackline also maintains an inventory of tested DSP infrastructure and algorithms available for projects, including audio codecs, video codecs, filters, modems, and signal activity detectors.


project 1



Lithium is a design for a system to obtain, record, and deliver GPS track and position data using  small GPS receiver devices.  Supported with a Windows™ or hand-held GUI for data retrieval and storage.

Field deployable devices:

  • Initial design based on low-power GPS chipsets
  • Passive coplanar antenna option
  • Magnetic activation/deactivation
  • Epoxy plastic encasement packaging
  • 35 mm x 20 mm approx. size
  • Moisture-proof
  • NMEA-0183 v3.01
  • Li Ion battery supports 7 day mission
  • Data offload via USB
  • RF offload as an option


    • 12VDc charging base
    • USB interface from field deployable device to host device (e.g., Windows™ PC)

Windows GUI software:

  • Configure and commission field deployable system
  • GUI based on Windows™ or Smartphone
  • Graphic (steganographic) approach to application access for security
  • Software not necessary for field operation

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project 2


Message Gateway

Magnesium is a high reliability and secure system that provides for messaging, file transfer and conferencing over insecure IP-based network, typically the Internet. 

The system is designed to facilitate the secure exchange of information between pre-authorized parties without the high capital and operational (administrative) costs of traditional high security methods.  The features include:

  • Centralized/automated management and policy generation, distributed enforcement;
  • Very scalable with support for regionalization (groups);
  • Very low administrative overhead;
  • Strong chain of evidence, logging and traceability;
  • High reliability (system robustness);
  • Highly flexible and scalable.
  • High security (CMVP FIPS-140-2 pending)

An Mg deployment consists of many geographically distributed Mg-RU (remote unit) devices, reporting to one (or more) Mg-GW devices. 

figure 1

The Mg-RUs implement the subscriber access equipment and are available in a number of different configurations, including:


The Mg-Fe implements the “subscriber” access to the Mg messaging system over an un-secure IP network.  Subscribers access the Mg-Fe via Ethernet (1000BaseT) or USB 3.0 (MSD) using their own device.  The Mg-Fe implements the access control, security, policy, queuing and reliable message transfer both generating and receiving messages and/or files from other members of the Mg community. 


The Mg-Fe-PC implements the functionality provided by the Mg-Fe with an internal, physically secured PC running captive applications in kiosk mode.  This offers a more secure package compared to employing external subscriber devices (PCs).

This interface allows the operator to:

  • Execute pre-defined, authentification procedures (who are you)
  • Log onto the system
  • Be notified of, and view/export any outbound messages
  • Address and generate inbound messages
  • Manage their local inventory of messages
  • Attach (upload) digital files to these messages.
  • Exit the system (logging off)

This approach implements a hard security boundary between the source equipment and the Mg secure zone.  The user employs native COTS software on his/her system (ie their browser of choice) to generate messages and/or send files either on their system or connected devices (cameras, DVRs, smart phones etc) without having to (attempt to) include these devices within or allow access to the security envelope.  Files submitted across the security boundary are tagged, never executed and maintained in their native format c/w the file name and extension. 


This approach is substantially more secure, reliable and easier to use than a PC and/or traditional VPN solution.

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project 3



Potassium is a toolset that when added to remote systems, and signalled from a PC, allows an administrator to determine the health of a remote device or reestablish communication with an orphaned remote device in a secure manner. The remote device must be accessible over a reachable IP network.

Using the Windows tool, the system issues a multi-port datagram combination to signal the remote device. Each message is sent to a specific port in turn to unlock access to a set of functions that a remote device must be programmed to execute. There is provision for Interknock Delay which adds considerable complexity. As well, message content is encrypted and hashed.

The system currently supports the following signalling functionality:

  • Soft Reset
  • Hard Reset
  • Open Firewall
  • Echo


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project 4


Gateway Admin


  • Integrated centralized management
  • Device commisssioning support
  • Device status management and remote access
  • Stores and manages firmware versions
  • Centralized alarm management
  • Schedule management
  • Extended inventory management
  • Log viewer


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project 5


Small Robot

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project 6


Power Line Carrier

Palladium study and design considerations to explore performance and usability of existing power line carrier standards with focus on susceptibility to noise, in residence coverage, interference with existing technology and the ability to reach beyond the panel/meter base.

Field deployable systems:

  • Assessment of numerous COTS options for power line carrier standards and systems
  • Focus on residential egress

Study Space:

  • Study included installation and characterization of systems in several houses in an abandoned neighborhood, as well as in motel and hotel contexts
  • Assessment of throughput, interference, detectability of technology








Cross Domain


  • Uni-directional transfer
  • 1Gbps interfaces
  • 800Mbps throughput
  • Web based console
  • Role based access
  • High physical /logical security
  • Encrypted in place
  • Files or transport level protocol
  • Transport protocols (TCP,UDP)
  • File movement (FTP, SFTP, etc)
  • Drop box (USB, Web portal) (DS)
  • EAL4+ Certified (CSE Sept/21)


  • Native (on board) filtering (in plan)
  • File Size
  • File Extension
  • XML validation (custom schema)
  • Dual pipelined architecture
  • External file vetting (in plan)
  • Dedicated high/low interface
  • Runs Sentry (off-board) protocol
  • In/out box protocol
  • File in-fill support
  • Filtering on high and/or low side
  • Evolutionary, customizable


  • Fully web-based UI (no application required)
  • No klunky command line
  • No commands to memorize
  • Configurable security, timeout
  • HTTPS (security)
  • Separate high/low side controls
  • Easy to use visual
  • Quick learning curve
  • Support for monitoring status page
  • Multiple CDS per station
  • Role based assignments


  • VxWorks embedded OS (not Linux)
  • Bundled, captive application/operating system
  • High and low side implement hardware enforced Secure Boot (blown one-time fuses lock secure boot and CERT to hardware)
  • Independent tamper on high and low side (mechanical, temperature, key storage)
  • Hardware encrypted drives (key stored in key storage)
  • Boot software
  • Executable software (OS bundled with application SW)
  • Configuration
  • Logs etc.
  • SW distribution as single file
  • Tamper evident package
  • Transit assurance (labels, bags, box and one time password)

Logging & Audit Support

  • On board rotating logs
  • Controllable log levels
  • Support for forensic audit
  • Accessible through GUI includingdownloadable files
  • Off board logging through syslog


Annual maintenance provides access to:

  • Portal (code updates, notifications, reporting, documents status etc)
  • Telephone support
  • All updates (save those specifically restricted)
  • Security notifications (through encrypted email)

Road Map

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project 8


FAE/Win7 PC Hybrid

Enhanced security networked PC platform for hosting law enforcement Information Identification and Collection analytics. A part of the Blackline System Corporation’s secure data backhaul architecture, the Iodine system allows for centralized GUI-based network configuration and key management functions, while putting necessary ident technology out in detachments and other remote offices to both assist local crime fighting efforts and to serve as a distributed network of IICS collection nodes

  • Windows Software
  • vxWorks Software
project 9


Alternative Storage

Cesium is a set of alternative storage mechanisms designed for use with laptops Mechanisms explored included:

  • Alternative USB Storage (Cs-USB)
  • Bad Sector Masquerading (Cs-BSM)
  • Partition Modification (Cs-PM)
  • Purpose Built Steganographics (Cs-SG)
  • Freespace Hiding (Cs-FH)

Exploration included assessment of detectability for method falling into categories for casual examination, detailed examination, and hard defeat attempts.


Available for discussion only

project 10


Photo Scan

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project 11


Pole Mount

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project 12


Emissions Scanner - RF Product Design Group

Einsteinium is an IP-enabled full spectrum characterization and signals scanning system that provides a quiet and ongoing RF monitoring service. Installed in a boardroom, office, or access-way, system automatically sweeps its sensors across the radio spectrum looking for anomalies that signal unwanted surveillance activity.

Compares scanned RF energy against normal background levels, with unknown signals raising alerts to networked threat monitoring system.


  • Scans across 30 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range
  • Wideband scan of 600 x 9.95 MHz channels in 600 millisec
  • Narrowband scan of 600 x 23.3 kHz channels in 600 millisec
  • Central scanner plus expandability for peripheral scanners for triangulation (still in design)
  • Ethernet access for central notification of signal detection alerts
  • Java applet for either stand-alone console or web-based solution has full spectrum display, zoom, calendaring, waterfall
  • Access provision for back-end database lookup of known spectrum signature of bugs
project 13


Data Backhaul

Dubnium is a highly secure and reliable networked system composed of multiple remote units connected to a central server


  • Secure VPN transport
  • High reliabilty
  • Very strong security
  • Network performance tolerant
  • Supports many forms of product
  • Fully web-based UI (no application required)
  • Flexible and envolving



  • HTTPS user interface (GUI) web access
  • VxWorks embedded OS
  • Safeguards data and operatational security
  • Onboard rotating logs accessible through GUI
  • Offboard logging through syslog
  • Controllable log levels



Annual maintenance provides access to:

  • Portal (code updates, notifications, reporting, documents, status, etc)
  • Telephone support
  • All updates
  • Hardware maintenance and repair


Road Map

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project 14


RF Initiator

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Careers at Blackline

Here at Blackline, we strive to provide a welcoming, innovative, and rewarding workplace. With driven, knowledgeable leadership and a collaborative approach to projects, there are plenty of opportunities for personal and professional development. We also offer competitive salaries and benefits packages, as well as flexible hours and time-off policies.

Our primary focus is the design and build of hardware and software for elegant (and sometimes quirky) systems that are uniquely tailored to our customer’s needs. Most of our systems involve some sort of communications component like mobile, Wi-Fi, or more traditional high-speed networks. They also involve software from the board level all the way up to WAMP-based GUIs and dedicated multiplatform mobile or desktop apps. It's exciting work, but it can be very demanding.

We are always looking for people who are confident in their abilities, and with good team-working skills. As some of our work involves supplying tools to keep Canada safe, we require all of our candidates to be able to successfully obtain security clearance – this in mandatory.

Think you've got what it takes to be a part of our team? Contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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